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A Team Passionate About Modern Legal Practice and Business Innovation

We are a high-performance team of business legal nerds that believe legal enthusiasts have dealt with enough B.S. from traditional law firms and it's time for a change.

High Performance Driven By Passion 


orking at CORPlaw means leading the frontlines in re-writing the narrative

on what a modern law firm can and should be.


As counsel for disruptive businesses, we seek to protect creativity and progress. The motivation behind our team is a passion for business innovation and a conviction in our philosophy towards disrupting the legal industry.

We breathe business law and genuinely GAS about each and every brick our clients add onto their castle.  

Disruption Demands Diversity


orplaw is committed to providing equal employment opportunities. 

CORPlaw strives to maintain a diverse environment with open communication inclusiveness, and a strict No A$$hole” Policy, that applies to our team and, yes, our clients - whom we rank, and, yes break up with if they mistreat our team - too.

We take our clients seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. 

Innovation Starts With Education 


t CORPlaw, we invest in the education, training, and growth of our team.

Our team fosters an open, transparent, and interdisciplinary culture of talented individuals.

We collaborate and exchange knowledge every day to elevate the professional and personal goals of our team.

What are you waiting for?

Job Opportunities


hank you for your interest in working at CORPlaw. You can find additional open job opportunities via our jobs page here or visit our recruitment FAQ page here.

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