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CORPlaw Legal Clerkship Program: A New Twist on “Internships”

Revolutionizing what it means to be a clerk.

“Hi, welcome to your first day at Super Big Law Firm, LLC, here is your cubicle and your mountain of mindless paperwork, good luck and I’ll see you in a month!”

Although most firms likely wouldn’t use this type of wording, this is the reality that most young undergrad and law school students tend to face when looking for a position in a law firm; An endless pile of work with little to no communication or explanation as to the “why” behind what you are doing. As a team of trailblazers looking to change what it means to be a lawyer, our ethos is to attack this issue with the legal field one handful of clerks at a time.

Intentionality is the key to everything we do here at CORPlaw–yes, we do mean everything–and our semester-long Legal Clerkship program is no exception to this rule we define ourselves with. From the program's debut on May 17th, 2021, our team has undergone a process of trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t with each launch being significantly better than the last. So, what makes CORPlaws Legal Clerkship program unique?

Our twist comes as a result of our very own teaching program: CORPlaw U.

CORPlaw-U: CORPlaw University (“CORPlaw U”) refers to our firm teaching sessions, we put a major emphasis on ensuring that our team members don’t only know the “what” behind what they are doing but the “why” as well. A branch of CORPlaw-U can be seen in our Week 1 initial training, a week-long in-depth breakdown of our software, firm values, and skills required to succeed as a clerk. This is where we welcome our new clerks to CORPlaw with our comprehensive course of learning modules, hands-on exercises, and opportunities to meet the team. The learning process doesn’t stop here though. CORPlaw U branches out into the semester-long training as well through our weekly team meetings where we invite the team to actively listen and participate in the collective learning process.

Our program had the pleasure of introducing some amazing new talent for this Summer 2022 semester, here’s what they have to say about the program so far:

“Only two weeks into the program, I already feel I’ve learned so much about law firms. Excited to keep learning.” –

John Carlos Mouw (Florida International University)

“Engaging would be an understatement. Only two weeks into the program, and I am receiving exposure to a variety of legal matters that pique my interest and align with my areas of academic focus. It’s been very rewarding to put my years of learning and passion into hands-on experience” –

Zach Levin (University of Miami)

“The CORPlaw Clerkship Academy has been a great learning experience thus far. I’m consistently impressed by the firm’s commitment to the clients and team.” –

Ramyar Daneshgar (Florida International University)

Applications for CORPlaw’s Fall 2022, now open.

Although we recently closed the doors on enrolling for our Summer 2022 legal program, we are excited to invite new talent to apply for our program this fall! If a future in the legal field is exciting for you, this program offers an incredible opportunity for career development you cannot get anywhere else. Should you love the work and perform highly, you may even have access to future opportunities with CORPlaw to springboard your professional goals and secure law firm experience on your resume!

For a chance to have these incredible experiences for yourself, apply now at CORPlaw’s Open Job’s Page. Check back there directly for new job announcements.


About CORPlaw. Headquartered in Miami, FL, CORPlaw is a boutique business law firm that helps modern entrepreneurs grow and protect their business. Founded in 2017, this minority and female-owned law firm has advised countless small businesses owners, startups, and creatives through the state of Florida, the national, and abroad. The CORPlaw team continues to grow and build a reputation of professional excellence and client satisfaction. Contact CORPlaw today at 1 (833) 545-7526,, or on our website (

About the Author(s). Our team works collaboratively on content creation, special thanks to these team members for their work on this article.

  • David Farnot. David is currently a Senior Scribe with CORPlaw, he oversees the recruitment process for the team along with assisting in other internal/external firm projects. David takes pride in his perfectionist mindset and shoots for nothing more than the best when it comes to assisting clients and making connections.

  • Rachel Sullivan. Rachel is currently a Scribe with CORPlaw, she has been leading the efforts with marketing and overseeing aspects of the CORPlaw website, blogs, and social media. As a Scribe, Rachel has been utilizing her detail-oriented work approach to actively contribute and enhance our firm publications.


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