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Outside General Counsel Package
  • Outside General Counsel Package


    Let us serve as your team of dedicated legal advisors.

    We solve legal problems, so you don't have to.  


    Product Description.

    Approved Clients*, will be enrolled in CORPlaw's Annual Outside General Counsel Services Plan ("Plan"). Plan members receive advice and support regarding general  legal matters, as well as access to a growing list of Plan member benefits. 


    What benefits are included in your Plan?

    1. Access to a dedicate legal advisor for you or your business; 
    2. 9 hours of legal services to be immediately charged as a flat fee and utilized by CORPlaw's legal team towards production of initial Client deliverable(s);
    3. White Glove Onboarding and Activation
      • (2-hours of complimentary concierge client support);
    4. Exclusive access to discounted hourly rates as detailed in our rate sheet to be applied to any legal services provided by Attorney to Client starting on the 10th hour;
    5. Access to 1 complimentary Roadmap Session with CORPlaw's legal team;
    6. The option to utilize CORPlaw's Registered Agent services (a $600.00 value);
    7. Access to Plan member rush production rates at a discount; and,
    8. Additional benefits that may from time-to-time be added to Plan.



      Your Plan deposit is 100% fully refundable.

      *Our firm must first review your digital new client submission form, connect with you to assess whether or not you are a good fit for the Plan, and run a conflict check before our official engagement can begin. Should our firm, decide not to move forward with engaging you as a client or vice-versa, you decide you don't want to move forward with the engagement, or any other random thing happens where you do not sign our engagement agreement and end up fully hiring our law firm, we will fully 100% refund the deposit you've paid. No questions asked. Period. This is not an attempt to keep your deposit. If things don't work out, you get your money back. *

      Paying this refundable deposit does NOT yet establish and attorney-client relationship with our firm, but it gets you one important step closer to finalizing the process!

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