COmprehensive. Reliable. Precise.

We are a new kind of law firm for a changing world. At CORPlaw, we’ve reimagined and reinvigorated the attorney-client relationship. We are consistent, patient and professional, giving each client the personalized attention it deserves. 

Where your legal advisors are as
creative as you are.

Our motto: we take your legal work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. If you are looking for ego-driven, ostentatious, run-of-the-mill lawyers who won’t prioritize your legal needs, can’t be bothered to take your phone calls or answer your emails, you’ve come to the wrong place.



CORPlaw values its client relationships. From our first interaction, we seek to understand the client’s legal needs (and if desired by the client, their respective personal and professional goals) with an attention to detail and caliber of service akin to that provided by a large law firm, without the pomp or expense. Our clients receive the level of service expected from traditional law firms: experienced professional legal services and quality legal work. But at CORPlaw we’ve raised the bar. We zealously represent our clients, offering creativity, honesty, availability, and innovation in addition to superior quality legal work. One size does not fit all. We embrace our clients' unique differences. And we refuse to present our clients generic, stock legal work when they deserve personalized solutions. At CORPlaw, we custom tailor legal services that don't just meet expectations, our legal services far exceed them.  



We advise cutting-edge businesses. 

CORPlaw offers concierge legal services (sometimes referred to as, general counsel services) to growing and mature businesses, including growing technology companies and startups. We develop an intimate knowledge of your business and a trusted relationship with key business members. Our CORPorate clients come to view us as knowledgeable key advisors and feel comfortable seeking our input on day-to-day legal needs, which are unique to each individual business but might include:

  • General corporate matters (e.g., entity formation, corporate governance, and advising Board of Directors, etc.); 

  • Employment-related matters (e.g., employee handbooks, training programs, offer letters, etc.);

  • Contract drafting, negotiation and management;

  • Licensing, distribution and other transactions (e.g., joint ventures and strategic alliances, license agreements, user agreements and privacy policies, etc.);

  • Counseling to protect intellectual property rights; 

  • Privacy and data security matters;

  • Insurance related matters (e.g., coverage analysis, claims submittals, etc.); 

  • Real estate matters (e.g.commercial leases, property acquisitions, managing landlord/tenant relationships, etc.);

  • Selecting, managing and directing the work of outside lawyers; 

  • Litigation and dispute management (e.g., early case assessment, dispute resolution, litigation strategy and management, settlement analysis, negotiation, discovery, etc.);

  • and more. 

We represent originals, changemakers and creatives. 

We also represent select individual clients in a wide-range of practice areas including, but not limited to the following: commercial litigation, real estate disputes, employment law, corporate law, insurance law, regulatory work and more. 


Because CORPlaw prioritizes quality over quantity, we are rigorous in our intake process and offer services exclusively to clients who are the right fit for our law firm and service model. 


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