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CORPlaw Supports South Florida Start-up Community and Sponsors SuperConf Pitch Competition

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Startup Competition Aims to Launch And Support Entrepreneurs and Developers in Miami, FL

On May 4, 2020, SuperConf, a Miami-based tech conference for entrepreneurs, developers, and designers, announced the winner and runner-up of its 2020 Startup Launch Competition. The highly anticipated competition was meant to take place in-person on March 13–14, 2020, but went digital due to COVID-19.

Mrs. Kristen A. Corpion, Esq., Founder and Managing Partner of CORPlaw, comments: “We are excited to have supported local ventures and entrepreneurs as a sponsor of this innovative competition”.

Starting in 2011, multiple well-known startups such as ShoeFitr, Boatsetter, and LiveNinja were launched at previous SuperConf conferences. The conference has also featured prominent speakers and presenters, from early engineers at Dropbox to creators at Coffeescript.

As sponsors of this year’s competition, CORPlaw offered legal services and consultations to the grand prize winner, runner-up, and competition participants.

“From a legal perspective, they will need assistance not only from an incorporation and capital raising standpoint, but also in terms of contracting, technology law, intellectual property protection, licensing, and, for most of them, from a regulatory perspective.”, says Mrs. Corpion.

Participants of the competition included Artify,, PTO Genius, SalesAmp, Sustalytics, CommandDot, Funday, and Cargologik

The judges of the 2020 SuperConf Startup Launch Competition were Brian Breslin from RefreshMiami, Louis Kang of Neoteny Ventures, Josh Constine from TechCrunch, Nico Beradi at Animo Ventures, and Shruti Ghandi of Array VC. Each judge received one vote for the competition. After, voting polls were posted on Twitter where the online startup community voted on their favorite virtual pitch.

As the SuperConf grand prize winner, PTO Genius, an HR tool that encourages people throughout the year to take paid time off when it is less disruptive for the company, won $10,000.00 in cash and other services.

Congratulations to PTO Genius and the other companies that participated in SuperConf’s 2020 Launch Cohort!

Learn more about the SuperConf at


About CORPlaw. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, CORPlaw is a boutique business law firm that helps modern entrepreneurs grow and protect their businesses. Founded in 2017 by award-winning attorney Mrs. Kristen A. Corpion, Esq., this minority and female-owned law firm has advised countless small businesses owners, startups, and creatives throughout the state of Florida, nationally, and abroad. The CORPlaw team continues to grow and build a reputation of professional excellence and client satisfaction. Contact CORPlaw today at 1 (833) 545-7526,, or on our website ( CORPlaw is a full-service firm that works with modern entrepreneurs as a full-service provider of legal services. From incorporation, to contracts, to trademarks, to business-related lawsuits, as our clients build their reality, CORPlaw is there to protect it.


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