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What It’s Like Working as a Law Clerk at CORPlaw: My Experience and Advice

Working as a law clerk during law school can be one of the most important steps you can take in your legal career. While law school can provide the training wheels you need to succeed as a lawyer, law school doesn’t prepare you for practice. Practice prepares you for practice.

It can be a nerve-racking experience even if you’ve worked at a law firm before law school. Every law firm is different. Ideally, the bulk of your experience as a law clerk involves assisting your supervising attorney with research and producing legal deliverables for the clients, as well as communicating with clients directly.

Has CORPlaw met my expectations?

Coming in, I was prepared to draft legal deliverables and conduct legal research. Much like what I had experience working at another firm before I found CORPlaw. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the wide range of projects I got to dig my hands in. That’s the beauty of a small firm. Your job as a law clerk in a small firm is to pitch in and assist the rest of the team wherever you are needed. A bonus was learning more about the business side of a law firm. Knowing how to research, communicate effectively, and how the firm operates are a must when it comes to becoming a better practitioner in the future.

Do I feel prepared for practice?

Yes. And no. The reality is that one might never feel truly prepared for the practice of law. There’s a reason it’s called the practice of law. Preparing for practice does not start and end with working as a law clerk, but it can be an excellent place to start. The difference between my experience at CORPlaw and my experience working at other law firms is the quality of the mentorship I received. Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a mentor as a law student, let alone a good one. Instead of receiving a myriad of assignments without having the opportunity to learn where you went wrong and how you can improve can feel like you are wasting your time.

That was not my experience with CORPlaw. One of the firm’s assets is the relatability of the attorneys. “Fitting” into a firm can make your experience more rewarding and, in turn, get you closer to feeling more prepared for practice. As a young female future attorney, it was important to me to have a mentor who could relate to what I’m going through as a law student. I feel grateful that my supervising attorneys at CORPlaw always provides me with constructive feedback and served as an example of what the practice of law is supposed to look like.

How did the team dynamics affect my experience?

Part of what made it easier to make it through long work hours and complex assignments is the solid team I worked with. Oftentimes, law students can feel like they are not appreciated, which can affect their confidence and outlook towards the legal profession. Not once did I feel like anything but an equal. It felt great to feel needed and appreciated even though, at first, it did not feel as if I had much to offer as a law student.

Would I recommend CORPlaw to a colleague?

Without hesitation, yes. However, if I were recommending CORPlaw to a friend to work as a law clerk, I would caution them to make sure they are fully committed and available. If you put in the effort and are genuinely enthusiastic about learning from an excellent team of attorneys, CORPlaw will reciprocate by providing you with the mentorship you will need to succeed as a future lawyer. After all, you are working with a busy group of professionals and time is a finite resource. If they are taking the time to teach you, you better grab a pen and paper!


About CORPlaw. Headquartered in Miami, FL, CORPlaw is a boutique business law firm that helps modern entrepreneurs grow and protect their business. Founded in 2017, this minority and female-owned law firm has advised countless small businesses owners, startups, and creatives through the state of Florida, the national, and abroad. The CORPlaw team continues to grow and build a reputation of professional excellence and client satisfaction. Contact CORPlaw today at 1 (833) 545-7526,, or on our website (

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